January 15, 2023
|        WORKING PAPER #
Sean Sweeney

This TUED Working Paper was written to inform discussion at the launch of “TUED South” meeting that took place in Nairobi, Kenya, during October 11th-13th, 2022. In the weeks following the meeting, it was revised to reflect the discussions that took place. 

Building on previous TUED Working Papers, the goal of this document was to bring to Nairobi an analysis and a series of broad proposals and considerations that might inform a public pathway alternative to the current neoliberal approach to energy transition and climate protection. The proposed approach is anchored in the extension of public ownership of key sectors, particularly energy, accompanied by the implementation of a new public goods mandate for reclaimed energy companies. Over time, it must be able to offer plausible solutions to the special challenges facing the Global South, among them energy poverty in the least developed countries, rising levels of fossil fuel extraction and use, as well as rapidly rising emissions from high-growth economies such as China and India.  

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