Please get in touch with us by e-mail at: unionsforenergydemocracy [at]

Unions currently “participate” in TUED; they do not affiliate. TUED expects the following from participating unions:

  • The decision to participate needs to be formal, thus one made by the union’s appropriate decision-making body (be it national, regional, or at branch/local level).
  • Unions need to agree that we can list the union and its logo on the TUED website (see here).
  • Designate a person (with a named alternate if possible) to represent the union on a global web call every two months. A proposed agenda for each call is circulated in advance.
  • If you can, make a financial contribution. Contributions can be sent via wire transfer or post. Banking details are available here.

To have your union join and participate in TUED, please fill out the form, available in various languages: